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Titles Can Be Tricky Things

The title of my book went through three revisions before the final one. At first I'd wanted to call it "Le Flaneur", but was told that was too obscure.

Katrinka has a favourite book that she always carries with her--"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". I remembered a scene in the movie where the Wizard is telling the Tin Woodman that hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable. Most of the characters in my book have VERY unpractical hearts, so I decided to call the book "Unpractical Hearts".

I really liked that title but later, while querying, I realized agents were looking at it as a Romance (and it wasn't, in the true definition of the genre).

While rereading (during one of my thousands of edits), a sentence jumped out at me. Nye is telling Katrinka that she will blend in; she will be "just another girl on the road...".

I loved it, and thought it was perfect. Yujana, Katrinka, Milou, Cricket, Amelia, and of course Dorothy; all 'just another girl on the road'.

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