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Eric Hoffer's 2020 Book Awards:
Finalist: da Vinci Eye (for best book cover)
Finalist: First Horizon (debut author)
Grand Prize Short List

Honorable Mention in the General Fiction Category


Finalist in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Action/Adventure Category


"A stellar debut...


Kensington combines multifaceted, unforgettable characters with strong, lyrical prose. The pacing of the novel never slows down despite the crucial details of the covert operations hefty on espionage plotting and blood-and-guts combat scenes...This deeply engrossing page-turner is the one not to be missed."

- The Prairies Book Review (read the review HERE)

"This is Kensington’s first novel. Her ability to weave such an intricate and multifaceted story of the resistance in France as a first-time novelist is to be commended...Though the story contains many memorable characters and an intriguing plot, it is Katrinka and her insatiable love of life that is the crux of this work. A strong female character who unapologetically embraces her sexuality, Katrinka is unforgettable. This book offers a fast-paced plot and romance within a historical setting. It grabs one’s attention from its very first words and never lets go."

- Kat Kennedy, US Review of Books (read the review HERE)

"It's only when you get to the end of this book and look back that you realise the tour de force of the plotting. It's a masterpiece... The different threads of the story weave in and out, touching each other, sometimes explosively, sometimes poignantly. It's tempting to second-guess how a book will work out, but there was no point in doing this with Just Another Girl on the Road. Events never worked out as I thought they would, but equally, as I read they seemed inevitable. The finale shocked me and has stayed with me for days after I finished reading..."

- Sue Magee, The Bookbag (read the review HERE)

"Kensington's breezy novel tackles a captivating aspect of World War II, the parachuting guerrilla warriors that constituted Operation Jedburgh...The sequence of events, largely between D-Day and VE Day, is well-plotted and often exciting, with the international cast fitting in seamlessly with historical events... An informed, imaginative tale that adds some romance to a well-researched war story."

- Kirkus Reviews (read the review HERE)

"The Second World War must be one of the most written about topics in history, but every so often a new angle on the conflict comes along and turns the tropes on its head. JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE ROAD is very much in that ballpark...The dialogue and character actions are wonderfully crafted, and the intense love stories that evolve around the lead character become as much a core part of the plot as the battles and the struggles. Expect twisting history, elation, sex, tension, and a genuine respect for the subject matter..."

- James Hendicott for IndieReader (read the review HERE)

"S. Kensington's Just Another Girl on the Road is a captivating tale set in the latter years of WWII in which a young woman demonstrates strength and resilience and finds opportunities for love within the darkness of war and the light of liberation...a creative, absorbing novel about human connection in the face of war..."

- BlueInk Review (read the review HERE)

"Emotions run high in S. Kensington's poignant war drama..."


- IndieReader Judges Verdict (read the review HERE)



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