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Time to dive in!

Well, I've received instruction, and I guess it's time to get started! Warning: This will be a 'test' to see if I can actually send and post. :)

When writing this book, I was so totally absorbed in the creation of it, I never thought of 'after'. I only had a vague idea of agents, or publishers and how that all worked. I did not know about querying, or summaries (in 500 words or less), or chapter outlines, or how to correctly page a document, or editors (and how much we need these saintly people), or algorithms or marketing. I didn't know about the inevitable need for websites or twitter or facebook. Basically, I didn't know anything at all.

I guess that's a good thing, or I probably never would have started. I remember a friend asking me at some point early on, what my goal was. My naive reply was: 'Just to get my book printed. To hold it in my hand. Maybe a few copies for friends.' I really believed that was all I wanted. Truely.


At that time, the writing of this book was my entire existence. It absorbed every moment of my being. My only reality was the daily blank page facing me. I was lucky enough to have the time to begin. I was lucky enough to have the place to begin. I had no excuses. Whether or not I succeeded would rest on my shoulders alone.

Just had a nervous twitch. Am going to stop now and see if I can post this, fingers crossed.

I will definitely be back. I will definitely be writing here again. Maybe tomorrow. I neglected breakfast for my website training, so now it's time to eat.

I miss emojis! (haven't learned that yet)

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